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Literary reviews:

“…fun and readable … kickoff for the Lucinda’s Pawnshop urban fantasy series. … Lucinda’s balance of tangible power and personal insecurity makes her a complex protagonist.” — Publishers Weekly

“Combining elements of Milton’s Paradise Lost with a clever modern setting, and full of unique, imaginative details, the first book in the Lucinda’s Pawnshop series is sure to please fans looking for a darker, complex kind of urban fantasy…” — Romantic Times

“…a fun and fascinating read that pulls the unsuspecting reader through a devilish underworld of intrigue and, best of all, plenty of magic. The moment we set foot in Lucinda’s pawnshop, we meet a compelling cast of characters that force us to turn pages.” — Steven Harper, author of The Clockwork Empire and The Books of Blood and Iron

“There are at least six story arcs going on in this book. … Witches, demons, fallen angels, religious cult fanatics, and a love story. All of these components are expertly woven into Lucifer’s grand scheme. …I couldn’t help but love Lucinda. She has a strong spirit, and she’s level-headed, intelligent, and can be as devious as her father. …This turned out to be a unique read and I hope to continue the series.” — Big Al’s Books & Pals

“…refreshing and a great take on the old good versus evil theme. There were a lot of grey areas just like there is in real life, which is always full of choices that have consequences affecting our future. All in all a really great read.” — Angie, Word Gurgle Reviews

“[H]ooked. I very much look forward to reading book two. [T]his book is not a paranormal romance. It’s … much more than that. It’s political, it’s historical, it’s magical, it’s sweet, and it’s sad. I LOVE the different characters’ stories and the different perspectives…” — The Literary Connoisseur

Reader reviews:

“Oh no, authors—you can’t leave it there. I want more. NOW. Lucinda and Nick are a great couple and the hints of mystery to come… Brilliant!” — Jacinta Doyle Somers, Reviewer

“Absolutely wonderfully written page turner that was the best blend of paranormal and suspense I’ve seen in quite a while. Perfect intro to this series.” — Diana Belchase, Goodreads Reader

“Ok, I admit it, I loved this book and can’t wait for the next edition! … [T]here were elements of Steven King’s “Needful Things”, mixed with romance in an urban setting… I will be telling all my clients who love paranormal urban fantasy books, as this series promises to be a great addition to their must read lists!” — Matt W, Reviewer

“LOVED IT!! Lucinda is an amazing sneaky character, who does her best to ruin her fathers evil plans but she does it quietly with so much grace … a fabulous story that keeps you glued to every page … crossing my fingers that there is more to come! Great writing and wonderful characters, I’m really looking forward to what comes next from this author!” — Carrie Book Fairy Fort, Reviewer

“This is a strong start to a new series. …The plot is quite unusual … sets up the next book with a couple different cliff hangers that I am excited to read to see what happens.” — Kelly Haggerty, Reviewer

“…compelling, fun reading! The authors have done a wonderful job with these characters, they are convincing and complicated. The pawn shop setting does remind me of Steven King’s, “Needful Things”, and there are elements of that here, but it is also so much more. …[T]he wait for the next book [is] unbearable!” — Matt Wire, via

“I love a good story that brings the Devil to a new light, and this one delivered wonderfully. …I love the sidetracks that you follow, when someone buys an oddity. …Thank you for a wonderful adventure.” — Heather, via Goodreads

“Interesting, lovely and such an unique read!” — Sophia Sardothien, Reviewer


“…when you get to the end you might find yourself thinking about the nature of man, how this relates to the divine or even what our role in the universe or creation is. It deals with some very heady issues and still never loses sight of its narrative….” — Monday, October 10, 2016

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