Pocket Watch

(Excerpt from Lucinda’s Pawnshop)

“The woman was approaching the glass cabinet, gazing down into it. “Oh! Pocket watches. My husband’s father had a pocket watch. Dan always talks about it. Says he asked his dad what time it was ten times a day just to get him to take out that wonderful watch. It was a game they played . . .”
“How much is that watch?” the woman asked.
“The silver one?
The woman hesitated; She ran a thumb across the watch’s etched cover, then picked it up, pressing the winding wand as she did. The cover flipped open, revealing a pristine crystal and polished brass face with Roman numerals and elegantly turned hands of gleaming blue-black.
“It’s beautiful! So beautiful. Dan would love it .” She held it, stared at it, turned it in her hands, then—coming to a sudden decision—snapped it shut and started to hand it back to Lucinda. “I’m sorry, it’s too much . . . I mean, Dan would . . .” Just shy of putting it into Lucinda’s hands, she stopped, peering at the back of the watch. “Oh! It’s engraved already! I guess that’s it, then. I couldn’t give my husband a watch with—” She cut off, her eyes widening, then read: “‘To Daniel, with love.’ That’s—that’s amazing. Daniel is my husband’s name.”
She was silent for a beat, then said, “I’ll take it.”
Lucinda smiled. “Wonderful. Would you like it gift wrapped?”